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January 15 2006
Innocuous means harmless..... but, it also means not offensive or hostile.  My new years resolution to myself is to be more innocuous.  To consider what is going to come forth from my mouth before it actually comes forth from my mouth.  Sound good?  Mustard and Ketchup is what the oldest of my two sons decided to nick-name his-self and his brother.  Which has worked out to my favor since honey doesn't want me to put their names or pictures on here.  I can still talk about them but I don't upset their father. 

elizabeth duncan

January 15 2006
i love you. and mustard and ketchup too...that's so freakin' cute!


January 15 2006
mustard and ketchup! I love it! Kids come up with the most random cute things. I love you!

Bethany Bratcher

January 16 2006
You are funny :)