December colds.

November 12 2006

God it feels like years since Iv last been on here...i think since I got out of school. Its kinda nice. Lots of new changes. Hard to get back into this seeing its been almost a year but its all good. Ill get it just need some new friends and comments and shiz and yall get me on the real..he im so lame. Peace.


February 07 2006

for my cali...boi'z and taking my love to "casa de fruta"....if your ganna be there this week...this saturday. we'll be on a hill...looking into the sunset...and eating watermelon...aww...yeah ill inform you guys what happens and there will probably be pictures...and o theyll be good.


February 07 2006

in P.E...yep

lame i hate this...i got here like two minutes ago...and im already borad...hahaha...funny thing is that i thought that they were ganna test so the schedule was ganna be different but nope it im just hecka so ganna flunk out...its okay. no im not im like 30 credits i porbably wont be able to go on the senior trip to disneland...wich would

k ill im tired so ill go jump rope...later. :o)


January 03 2006

2 a.m

November 25 2005

early morning i wake up and want to die... i see my slef in the mirror and ask why... cant i feel the person i see...pray and pray but the more i do the less i feel him near... and the more i cry...the more im just drowning in the sea of tears... that once fell for the one who lied... the one i trusted but never came through... who never held me in his hands... i just want to live and not cry not shrivel and find the faith i knew i had... but was lost in the sin i wrote in the blood i lost for the one who lied...i lived for the one who saved me to live not die...i killed my self for my selfish needs i was the one who lied i lost the blood missed out on the one who cared for the one who just asked to be relied on... the one who saved me... i turned my back to...and now i die...

na,na, na,na,na

November 03 2005
so im in class right now but i have nothing to do and about everything at this lame school is blocked like were prisoners. and hey why is it that i have not found anybody from california on PhuseBox. dont get me wrong i love it i just dont love that im like the only person here from cali.(tear drop). so yeah why is everyone from like states way on the other side... hey how did i hear of phuse box...
man am i bored,na, na, na, na,na....bored...bored...bored
well if im this bored i should log out.

im bored

October 11 2005
so im in the libary right now and theres nothing to do im really should be T.A. ing for my teacher but thats even lamer. so im really happy that this is my last year here cuze i really cant take a bunch of wack jobs complaining how much their day sucked cuze they had a bad hair day. i say we shoot them all right. i guess this day sucked just becouse i just started my own drama when i started to talke ish behined this girls back to her best friend. how stupid was that. its actually really funny. lets all just have a big laugh about it right now...okay stop. so yeah