April 12 2006

so...life is really interesting at this point but i'm getting through with God's help. Lately some things have been getting rough and I have been getting farther away from God but really i should do the opposite! I am really trying to put everything into his hands and just release everything to Him. This friday night we have a Good Friday service and my dad is singing in it so I gotta go see him. But this week I have really been trying to focus on what Easter really means. I hope yall have an amazing rest of the week, but we only have one day!!! yeAH!!! lol

be blessed

in Him, Kate


April 14 2006
it is hard to focus on what easter really means. i always end up thinking about peter cottontail. -jon

kaitlin gay

April 21 2006
so i know this girl.. her name is kate drewry.. she is quite amazing!!

kaitlin gay

April 27 2006
you are number five silly.. abi got confused, she is number four =) hahaha