September 04 2005
i have been trying to think about life..
i understand life. i know how i want to live my life. i want to strive to live for God, maintain an intimate relationship with him, and share him with everyone around me. after i have finished my life here on earth, i die.. and go to heaven.
i cant grasp what heaven is going to be like. i cant imagine being there forever... honestly, its an amazing thought. theres nothing after that.. its just an eternal life with God.
i cant wait!

dont forget to let God bless your day!

courtney kelley

September 06 2005
I know! that will be so wonderful! I can't even imagine how it will be. Hope that you have a great week! Much love & God bless!! Courtney

Alex Kelley

September 20 2005
I don't think that you can fathom how it's going to be. It'll be so sweet! that's all i can say. lol. Have a great rest of the week!


September 23 2005
Hola Lisa! Heaven to me, is perfect. it's whelming. No tears.and it's the untimate goal, being with God. i love the thought in love, rachel


October 09 2005
hey yo!! where's your chicago pictures????? :)

Alex Kelley

October 22 2005
Hey! update! lol.

Mary Lauren

October 28 2005