July 04 2005
i've had my computer being worked on for a while.. so i havent been able to update.. but things are great now! i've been reading this amazing book called "seeing yourself as God sees you" its amazing. i would definitely recommend it! anyways, i hope you had a great fourth of july! be blessed!
lisa marie

Jason Thacker

July 04 2005
I am glad that you are back

Rachael Moore

July 05 2005
yay! i am glad you are back too! it has been too long! i love you!!!

Garrett Haynes

July 05 2005
umm I don't think that I know you...but do u go to belle aire?


July 05 2005
LISA!!!! :)

Hope Anderson

July 05 2005
well hey there! ~Hope

Nathan West

July 07 2005
Ha, thanks for the remark Lisa, I hope you're having a great week too! Maybe I'll see you around sometime, ttyl God bless Gloria Patri the OTHER nathan