fuck valentine's day, seriously

February 14 2006

i'm over jordan.. finally. i think i like this other guy(who will remain nameless) but i'm not sure. i know that he liked me, but i turned him down. but now i think i'm starting to have feelings for him. but if not him i guess i'll have to stay single -which i don't want to do. but i'm in serious need of a boyfriend. because valentine's day, unless you have a boyfriend, is a day for singles to be depressed and eat a bunch of chocolate and get fat and then more depressed. i bet you if someone had enough life left in them to actually look into it, Valentine's Day would prolly have the highest suicide rate of all the holidays put together. that's sad, i'm sorry i said that. but not that sorry because if i was really sorry i would have erased it... so nvm. lol. anyway, my dad was talking to me about shit and he said that he was talkin to some guys at work and they were like, "You have a daughter? you know what they say. if you have a son all you have to worry about is YOUR son. But if you have a daughter, you have to worry about EVERYBODY'S son." I just thought that was the funniest thing. i'm fucking tired. i took 4 500 mg of tylenol this morning, and 3 at lunch. i'm getting fucking addicted to this shit. owell. it's not like i'm gonna take a whole bottle or anything... lol. but yeah. i'm supposed to be working on a paper right now.. i'll ttyl laterz bitches.

love forever and always,

Tiffany Marie 


February 02 2006

i am really happy but confused... i still like jordan but i'm not sure if we are talkin or not. and then i really like zach and i know we are talkin but i'm afraid that if i seriously start talkin to zach again i won't ever get back together w/ jordan. i dunno. i just guess ill see how things flow. im kinda anxious about what's gonna happen.. yay! this is good drama.

love forever and always,

Tiffany Marie


January 17 2006

well me and jordan broke upon thursday... i dunno what happened it just ended i guess. but im not sure whats gonna happen. we might get back together in the future, we might not. but he still talks to me, and we got together on friday. so im not really sure, b/c he's sending me a lot of mixed messages. i still really like him so im not sure what to do.

hmmmm.... well at least i have many good friends to get me thru this. Jamie, Kayla, Max, etc... i love you guys and i know yall will stay by my side and help me stay on the right track.

love forever and always,

Tiffany Marie

lake titcaca

January 05 2006

omg.... i thought i was going to die last night. jordan came over to my house to see me and my dad was there. my dad invited him, aj, and jason in and talked to them for and hour and a half..LAME!! it was sooo gay.. but my dad let jordan ride in the corvette. jordan sed he almost shit his pants.... lamer... but yeah w/e..

love forever and always,

Tiffany Marie Corkran

hanging out w/ KAYLA and friends

December 02 2005

i'm over in kayla's neighborhood, hanging out w/ kayla, kenzie,and briana. bunches of fun!! i don't know what i'll do later-something bad that's all i know- lol, i'm just playin. i love all you guys soooooooooooo much!! please remark you guys make me sad! lol, no. but anyway

love forever and always


thanksgiving- asian style

November 24 2005

oh thankgiving was fun i guess.. you know how thanksgivings are, never thanksgiving without some emotional scarring. my mom and dad are at it again. getting on my freaking nerves... blah blah blah... but anywayz. i was at my cuzin aaron's house all day just chillin. thanksgiving at an asian house is fun. they have a turkey, but everything else is asian food. they just have a turkey there to say it's thanksgiving. lol. anywayz i'm going to jordan's friend's party tomorrow, bunch of fuun! lol. jordan might come pick me up blah blah blah. i am really looking forward to it. i haven't been to a party since halloween, and it was really boring. anywayz, i gotta go. talk to y'all laterz.

love alwayz



1st period

November 22 2005
i'm in my history class right now.. i just remembered what my thing was.

just a bunch of fun

July 11 2005
hey everyone,
i had a WONDERFUL, AWESOME time in Ohio. besides the fact that my feet were hurting like crap all day, it was great. the roller coasters were so scary and exillerateing(sp??). it was soo much fun. remark please.

love forever,


boys, boys, and more boys

July 05 2005
hey everybody!

The 4th of July was awesome. i went to jamie's house,and there was a guy named stanley. he was really cool. he's a senior at oakland. he gave me a hug. lol

well this weekend i went to alabama for an engagement party for my uncle. and there was a guy there and his name was michael.
he is a senior also, at this school down there. he was like the SWEETEST guy ever!!! lol... but he lives in alabama and i'll never see him again. :-[ . but yeah....

then this next weekend i am going to ohio w/ jamie and our church. there is this guy tyler that is coming w/ and i'm really excited about that. he's a senior at siegal.

wat's up w/ all the seniors?? lol

meanwhile i have an asshole boyfriend who doesn't even call to tell me he's leaving to go on vacation somewhere.. i don't even know!
-sigh- owell.. i mean it'll prolly won't work out but i'll try to stay as faithful to him as long i can be. so long as he does the same.

and no i'm not a whore..lol... so don't be thinkin that..lol

boys are so weird!!!

June 28 2005
guys? answer me this.. y do you find the need to change everything u do once one of ur guy friends comes over?? i mean... y can't you show affection in front of them like you do when no one's watching? it's really gay. well i don't care... if that's how guys are born like... i'll just have to learn to live with it.. lol... well, i just really don't want to be home right now.. it's boring as shit. -sigh-

hit me up.

me.. i am so ugly!!! lol...

June 27 2005
hey this is me, tiffany. don't i just take ur breath away?? NOT!!! lol... and i prolly won't have many pictures cause my dad won't let me use the camera... he's such a loser!! lol.. but when he does i'll let u know... meanwhile go to my xanga site... just hit the link over on ma profile.

love ya!!