September 25 2005
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September 21 2005
This week has been amazing! I mean for the first time in probably my college career, I have had a whole lot of Lauren time, which has rocked. I have actually been going to bed at a decent hour and not be exhausted all day the next day even after a very long nap. This is also the first time EVER for me to have skipped absolutely none of my classes. Do not fret, I already patted myself on the back. Anyways I say all this, because if you know me at all then you know I have not wanted to necessarily be in Oxford this year or I dont know ever. But I have really learned that being here has given me awesome open doors for after I graduate. For instance, I have always wanted to move to NYC, but been totally frightened of the idea at the same time. This morning I was able to talk with the mission's minister at the 411, who is awesome. It made me so excited to think that I could move there, and I already know of a church family I could get plugged into. That really helps make the move seem a whole lot easier. After talking to him, it made me so excited! This is definitely something I have discovered I am passionate about. I am passionate about urban ministry! and all it has to offer. Anyways, me sucking it up here for a little longer for God to continue to grow me and mold me is not so bad. I mean I do have amazing friends that are there for me all the time. I guess I really cannot ask for anything more than that. Well I wrote this entry, despite my last one being mocked by some, you jerks. So be friendly this time! And have a nice day.


September 19 2005
I am pretty sure I am at a point in my life where I need to realize that I need to depend 100 percent on Christ. Lately I have allowed so many little things to really bother me when it come to everything (my friends, my family, and literally everything). I just wish God would say Lauren this is where I want you and you are going to be ok. You do not have to worry about your job, where you are going to live, how you are possible going to live on the salary you will be making. I mean I feel that I have totally changed my views on certain things since this time last year. Which do not get me wrong is totally an awesome thing, because I now know what I believe and not what someone else had told me. This also makes me frustrated though, because it makes me question everyone and everything. Like for instance I am constantly overanalyzing situations and thinking people have alternative motives, when it is clear they do not, and I am the one being ridiculous. The even more ridiculous thing about me being like this is the fact I do not tell anyone what I am truely thinking. Therefore, this creates hundreds of stupid thoughts running through my head for really no reason. Anyways this is enough of my rambling.

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September 11 2005
Lately, I have been overly frustrated with certain areas of my life and certain things I am involved in. This weekend I really had the opportunity to have some quality alone time, and really address those issues. I realized that just because I have frustrations towards different things, doesn't mean that I should just abandon it. I mean i would not have continued coming back in the first place. I think these areas that I am frustrated in could be excellent areas for me to serve and pour my heart into. I mean if there is a problem I should do everything I can to address it and better the situation before completely leaving. Seeking God in things may mean doing things that I don't necessarily want to, but doing them with a willingful, servant heart can be very benefical. So I am sure this probably makes no sense, because I am not an English person, but hey that is ok because it's me.


September 03 2005
First, let me start off by saying that I studied for 7 hours straight today! Hello, first of all that is more than I have studied for my finals in the past, and this is what the 3 week of school. This semester is going to rock! Not so much. Anyways, while I was studying, of course my add mind was wandering all over the place, I began to think about where I would like to move after I graduate. See right now I am loving my singleness I guess. I would say I more like the idea that I have the ability to make my own decisions 100 percent on my own terms. I am not having to think of someone else and what effects it might have on a relationship. This kind of excites me, strangely. So I have been thinking maybe California for a start. It is totally different from here, which is a major plus. Then, probably northeastern area for grad school (prob Manhatten or Boston). Anyways, today it was nice to realize that I can go to any of these places, and I only have to think of me. This is totally selfish, I know. Do not tell me this, I obviously realize, but I mean think about it; it is kinda cool. Time to rest for an awesome day tomorrow!


August 28 2005
So learning about things is awesome; however, I am pretty sure I am going to be reading finance for hours upon hours this semester. This is a subject of interest to me, but my texts are very boring at explaining it. I would much rather be able to go get a job today and learn what is needed a long the way. Apparently, this is not satisfctory in our society though. Well, it is high time for me to start reading again. FUN.


August 27 2005
So my life. In short, I have absoltely no clue where I am going. I am 100 percent positive I want to move to a big, major city(most likely in the NE) as soon as I graduate. I cannot wait. I have lately often found myself discontented with being in Oxford, MS. I mean it is 2 roads, so small. It makes me want to scream. I have also realized that the majority of people who know me have a very jaded perception of me. There are certain things people know about my life, that makes them automatically assume other things. This greatly frustrates me. There is more to me than my parents and what they have accomplished for themselves. Their accomplishments, which I may benefit from, do not define me and what I want to accomplish with my life..........Oh frustrations.