Guardian Angels

August 03 2005
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. -- Ecclesiastes 3:1

I almost went to the NB devo tonight, but then decided I needed to be at SRC.

Worship at SRC was amazing. Then I was invited to the Lintons to hang out with the crew.

So I went.

Afterwards I had to drive someone home, by driving this friend home, I recieved 5 dollars. My gas tank was empty.

As I drove down Almaville Rd. I noticed that the gas station on my left had gas for $2.13/gallon. well I thought the other 2 would too. but it was $2.19 there. I turned around. passed the entrance, turned back around and went to the cheaper place. I pulled in. grabbed the money(all quarters) and went to put $4. 75 worth of gas in my car.

As I was walking towards the stations entrance, I noticed steam coming from the drivers side corner of the front of my car.

This had me concerned.

Megan got out, popped the hood and I started to fill the car with gas.

When I was finished, I started looking under the hood of my car. Clueless as to what I should do, and contemplating what i should do.

A man walked over. He was an older gentleman.

cutting the story short. He at least temporarily fixed my car so that I could make the 5 minute drive home. He owns a car garage. Megan got the name. she's decided that's where she'll get the car fixed from now on.

the moral of the story. Go to SRC. b/c then your car will break down. . ..waiiiiit a minute. I'm just kidding.

It's just interesting to see how God works in the most mysterious of ways at a golden gallon on a late wednesday night.

Oh and the man gave us tracts

and I'm still not packed. . .and i'm going to the Mercy Me concert tomorrow, and a formal on friday


August 02 2005
I'm getting there. . .I've spent the last hour or so packing clothing I will be taking. It's the hardest thing in the world b/c I hate to leave stuff behind.

Okay, so I definetly have over-packed.

I have packed to much stuff for the winter that won't happen. Tomorrow I will have to pull it all out. That will help my overpacked situation.

also, anything I do need for "winter" my mom can bring me when she visits...or someone can bring when they visit.

So tomorrow will be spent finishing packing and re doing my clothes. . .blah!

not quite there. . .

August 01 2005
okay. . .I'm not even close to being packed. . .but are we surprised.

photo from lauraebeth

I ate lunch with Anna @ panera Bread today. in about a weeks time, i've been there 4 times. I do love it. . .

I am seriously considering attacking my closet before bed. . .and then i wanna read. . .but the book i wanna read is at the bottom of my "keep" box. GAH

and this is how anna feels about me moving

photo from BeautyFromPain

you never would've thought. . .

July 31 2005
well ladies and gents. I'm a kidnapper

but today was randomly awesome.

Bread bowls rock, and so does buying PENS, not pins

oh, and then in my attempts to clean. . .I got trapped. . .

photo from lauraebeth

and then. . .well. . .anna left and I got something done. . .

photo from lauraebeth

oh. . .and then this picture. . .it's cool, b/c well, I edited it.

photo from lauraebeth

> Laura

I chatted with someone tonight.

July 29 2005
and it's been decided that we are well made.

thank you and goodnight ladies and gentlemen

I would also like to say. . .

July 28 2005
okay, the no dating thing. screw it. there it is people, it's out. bah.

I will not just go screw around in florida, but I will also not say I'm not gonna date. I did it as an example after a friend of mine, I no longer can seem to get in touch with her now and she has turned uber condemning and conservative

I always go for guys that are like 23.

I will also never steal a guy from a friend. in any way form or fashion. It's been done to me, and I know how it hurts, therefore. i shall not do it.

I think I might sleep now. . .yea, that's a good plan

and so it begins

July 28 2005
Camp is over. This saddens me greatly.

I've read 23 books this year.

I move to florida in like 10 days.

My sister is dogsitting for a family with a pool. therefore, I shall be using the pool tomorrow(we're close with the family)

In the process of Anna making fun of me, she(w/o realizing) poured fudge into her coke. we laughed for a while. . .everyone stared

then 15 minutes later. Skid was picking something up off the coffee table in the living room. this coffee table was situated right in front of anna and I and he was bent over. . .we laughed harder. is where you can view my camp photos. . .i think . . .

A week in the life of Froggy. . .

July 09 2005
so I thought I'd share a week in the life of me. . .

starting out we have the lovely Ad-staff. it's the first day of session 4 camp and it's "red, white, and blue" week.

photo from lauraebeth

then flutter must go over the Full Value Contract.

photo from lauraebeth

then it's time for the running bear skit. it's cute, but i don't get why we do this week after week

photo from lauraebeth

then, b/c I have nothing better to do while wasting time with my kids, we go out into the yard between Pine Hill 1 and 2 and have a dance party(aka: badge work, keeps the parents happy)

photo from lauraebeth

the next day, I decide that we love badge work so much that we'll complete the dance badge, and so I teach the kids to ballroom dance. . .

photo from lauraebeth

then it storms. and so all the campers are taught the electric slide in an all-camp dance party

photo from lauraebeth

Hightower keeps Laine entertained at the dance party

photo from lauraebeth

I go on my Time-Off in Jam Hall, and entertainment is provided by Darcy, as she "poll dances" on Lola

photo from lauraebeth

TO is over and I head down to the canoe docks. I walked around the creek as the girls were canoing. . .they were having a "tree party" in this picture

photo from lauraebeth

this is how flutter improperly kyacks

photo from lauraebeth

Later that afternoon we went "tree climbing"

photo from lauraebeth

where I acted silly. . .

photo from lauraebeth

then off to drama, where they got to dress up

photo from lauraebeth

Campfire night is last. . .(I skipped over the wagon ride, teaching the girls to build a fire, and cooking over an open fire with ducky b/c I was kinda busy making sure 18 other people were fed.) Every unit performs a skit. These are PH1 counselors(their kids had already left)

photo from lauraebeth

the ad-staff during this strange story about a pickle. . .

photo from lauraebeth

my girls, imitating counselors

photo from lauraebeth

sack races during all-camp

photo from lauraebeth

Ship and Island right before checkout

photo from lauraebeth

my cabin!!

photo from lauraebeth

that is all. . .i hope you enjoyed!

uh. . .

June 24 2005
and why excactly did i sign up for another addicting website??