My Name

August 27 2005

Laura Elizabeth

Confident in yourself with a strong mind and creative flair you have the ability to apply your ideas to practical purposes. Your wisdom and balance means that others seek you out for counsel and guidance. You set high objectives for yourself based on your idealism and then achieve them with boundless energy and determination. You are loved for your understanding and positive attitude to life.

Rule number 1

August 26 2005
The only rule you should ever follow in life is to NOT stray from your shopping list when you go to wal-mart.

I did. and I promise I spent WAY too much money.

otherwise, my days off have been uneventful. . .though i'm working on my tan! yes!

What I didn't sign up for. . .

August 25 2005
1. Selling hot dogs in the rain. twice
2. Sweating over a hot grill. in hot temperatures, and in rain.
3. Draining the space dog sink.
4. cleaning out the compartment that holds the "clean" water with bleach.
5. then scrubbing it out b/c there was mold
6. then putting sanitizer in it.
7. then clean water.
8. making sure to drain out the sanitizer, having water leak out EVERYWHERE.
9. re-sanitzing the Space Dog wagon, b/c it's now "unsanitized"

there was a free meal for all the stands workers today, it included an hour of sitting in a comfortable room, eating tasty hamburger, softserve ice cream watching disney movies(of course) and chit-chatting. I also signed up to win this cute Cinderella snow globe, and to possible become a GT(general teller) or stocker. hopefully one of those will work out!

what a day!

Auntie Gravity Galactic Goodies

August 24 2005
This is where i've worked the last 2 days. I do enjoy it. All I do is either work the register or prepare ice cream and smoothies. easy & enjoyable work. I'd like to be there the rest of the forever

There is also this talking trashcan that comes out every now and then. It is very very funny to watch the children mess with it. The first time it came out while I was working they were putting their shoes up to it's side and stuff. They also spray water in it, or pour water on it. it's funny when parents video tape it all too.

Who would've known that a talking trashcan could make my day a little bit brighter.

I am going to the beach on Friday. I'm excited!

and check this link, it's really really funny. Click Here

I'm turning British

August 22 2005
yes yes yes. that's the truth of it ladies and gents. I'm living in Orlando and I'm turning British. Most people in Orlando are definetly not from here, or it's just SUPER exaggerated inside Disney World. I stood outside today for about 6&1/2 hours working and after about 200 brits pass through your line(with VERY sexy accents) you start speaking that way.

I do hate it in a way, b/c I hope they don't think i'm making fun, but it kinda just happens

I've also been getting all sorts of spanish practice here, which I really do like, b/c practice makes perfect!!!

I'm cooking tonight, I also got all sorts of recipies from my grandmother. I do enjoy cooking. . .I'm not so good at cleaning, but i'll get better!

Working again tomorrow from 12-7. . .I just kinda pray that it's not at the SpaceDog. . .::sigh:: that's getting really old, really quick!

What a day. . .

August 20 2005
I worked today. It was actually a short shift. 12-6. I didn't know where I'd be working until I clocked in. . .and then i was informed I'd be at Space Dog. Now let me tell you about Space Dog. it's outside. under this little train ride that goes around above tomorrowland. but the main point is that it's OUTSIDE. which means when it's hot, you're hot, and when it rains, you're wet. so pretty sure it rained. I guess I was lucky that it didn't start until I started closing. . .but then I had to walk downstairs and change clothes, and then walk to catch the first bus away from MK. I lost a shoe at the tunnel entrance/exit. That was the moment I removed my flip flops and didn't put them on at all. . .I walked barefoot from one bus to another, and then across my complex. . .and by the time I got home, I was wet again. YAY!

so that was today

OH, I also got to practice spanish. and everyone in Orlando isn't from here. . .and let me tell you. . .I enjoy the hot british males. hahaha

I really don't know what else to say. . .except that I'm ready for bed. . .gah!

and on a lighter note

thatguyclint (10:57:24 PM): It's funny...Anna works for a local lube shop, I work for a phone company that covers PART of the state, and you work for a multinational BILLION dollar corporation...
thatguyclint (10:57:30 PM): And you make the least amount of money.

In one year. . .

August 19 2005
My room mate Samantha is currently freaking out because she'll be 20 in a year. no joke.

we went shopping for 5 hours today. maybe 4 hours. i'm not sure, I just know that it took us a LONG time. we went to 2 wal-marts, sams, and target. we prolly spent 15 minutes in the bathroom aisle at target just discussing what we could buy, and laughing, we laughed really really hard

so, i'll be 20 in a year too

the geeks!

August 18 2005
My computer is acting up and the geeks are not online. . .i'd like to cry. my computer is really gay. . .i need the geeks

I think i'm going to PI again tonight. . .though, i don't want to. . .i'd perfer to stay and be lazy

No work tomorrow, working from Saturday till next thursday. woot woot.

oh, and today was payday.

and my neighbors are loud

and i miss anna!

links. . .

August 16 2005
i have to work tomorrow. . .so here are some links for your entertainment pleasure

Buy a Laptop

Mini Beyonce

Lonely . . .

August 16 2005
I'm currently sitting in my apartment, alone. There is the option of going to the meet and greet. . .but that means taking the ghetto bus. . .and i don't really wanna do that. at all. so here I sit. alone. and kinda bored. . .

I might read. . .or something. . .but we have TLC in my apartmnet. . .and I enjoy it. . .

well except that the people in a makeover story are putting clothes on their dogs. . .I kinda find that silly.

Work is long. though I did get off of work last night @ 11:30 rather than midnight. YAY!

I can't wait to meet more new people

on a sidenote, I think i'm gonna try out for a character on friday

this one's for anna

August 13 2005
I won't. . .but i'm ready to come home

the roaches are crazy. they need to leave. like,now

and then, they are coming in under the door just as plain as day. . .as angel said. when did they start paying rent. she doesn't have her key, since when do they get to come in. . .

the weather

August 13 2005
I'm thinking that this change of weather hasn't been such a good thing. I think my asthma is acting up because i've been coughing for what seems to be no particular reason since about the 2nd day I was here. and I don't like it. So my mom is sending me a breathing machine.yay!

I'm going to Disney-MGM today. that's exciting. finally getting off my bootie and doing something. that calls for another YAY!

I think that's about it. We finally have a wireless router in our apartment, I think the people whose we were using moved out yesterday, and it caused grief when Samantha and I couldn't get online. . .but Angel could, b/c she's just special like that. ..and has a desktop computer rather than a laptop

you can see Samantha's costume to the right in my pictures. . .it'll be a LONG time till you see mine. . .

Counterfeit Bills

August 12 2005
I hope I can trust everyone on here not to do this, yet agree with me that disney is ignorant. . .

Disney wants to "perserve the magic" so we were told in the cash handling training today that we don't use counterfeit pens. The lady that taught the class had obviously NEVER worked in a retail situation. She acted like we have all day to stand there and inspect a bill while "chit chatting" with the customer.

So I was thinking about this just now. first off. a counterfeiter isn't gonna put bill gates or clintons picture on a counterfeit bill(the examples they gave us). or even switching the pictures up. that's just dumb. 2nd off. if you get a REALLY good counterfeit bill, you're not gonna be able to look at it and then just know. this lady said we are expected to stand there, chit chat and "feel out" every bill that comes through. I'm sorry, but if I have a line of 20 customers, it would be easier for me to mark a bill with a marker than it would be to feel that bill for it's realness factor.

oh, and why i'm feeling that bill, if i don't catch it then, and it's caught later on at the end of my shift or something, I had ruined the prints b/c I'd bee rubbing mine all over it.

then there is the off chance that I don't catch it, I give it to a customer, they take it somewhere else and spend it, and at the end of the day when it is prolly caught, my prints are all over the bill.

I thought way to much about this. . .but like, we're underpaid, disney makes a lot of money and i found out today that my payment comes from: $1.00/hr: disney, like $1.65/hr: coca cola, and the rest is government money. . .don't know how true this is, but gah. what kind of program is this!?

haha, well at least i'm having fun. . .

oh, and I went clubbin' tonight, and I won't go back.

getting to know my roomies

August 11 2005
well the black girl thinks i'm too loud, and black

the other white girl is gonna be practicing some paligimy. is that spelled right??(marrying more than one person)

last night we went to Downtown Disney. Tonight we're going to Pleasure Island. I'm going shopping @ old navy soon.

orlando is fun. I start on the job training on sunday and work from 2:45pm-11pm. it's kinda crazy.

but until then, i'm OFF!

i bent the spoon. . .

August 09 2005
So i was scooping Ice cream today and I bent the apartments spoon. but fortunatly, i fixed it also . . .

I cooked a lot today. I made cookies, mashed potatoes, ravioli. a lot. . .i also ate ice cream. it was good

I was completly lazy today after our meeting this morning. I slept for like 4 hours today and then sat in front of the TV on the computer.

the apartment is kinda messy now, I'll clean a little before bed.

Pictures are posted to the right

my address is
8103 Baldwin Manor Ct. #17112
Orlando, FL, 32821

write me letters. they make me happy

Orlando. . .

August 08 2005
Well. I'm here, I'm unpacked, and my room is cleaner than i've ever seen a living space of mine.

I'm living in what's called a solarium. it's difficult to describe, but it's like a one bedroom apartment with an alcove area that has these japanese doors that partitions it off. yea, it's confusing

i'll post pictures when i get an chance. we're being lazy now


August 07 2005
wow, so I'm here. and i'm exhausted. so sleep sounds like a plan.

photo from lauraebeth

Samantha's car mirror was broke, so we had to be ghetto and duck tape it


Almost there

August 06 2005
It's 8pm. This time tomorrow I'll be in orlando Florida

this is how it's kinda going, A girl named Samantha from Illinois is driving over to Indiana to pick up Angel. Then they will drive about 6 hours to my place, hopefully arriving around 6am. At that point my family will get in our mini-van and we're carpooling 12 hours to Orlando.

It's taken 2 weeks to reach the point I'm at now. That is absolutly crazy. I've been hardcore packing for like the last 3 days. and it's finally paying off.

My car is almost there, minus 3 boxes.

photo from lauraebeth

photo from lauraebeth

and then there is the room issue. . .

photo from lauraebeth

so I'm getting there. . .slowly but surely. . .there won't be much sleep tonight. . .whhheeeeee

Formal Dinner and such. . .

August 06 2005
Stones River had a formal dinner tonight for the college and youth. I had a lot of fun. We also had to go on a scavenger hunt in our formal dresses, let me tell you, running around m'boro in a formal is crazy stuff.

I of course had to do some cleaning after I got home(there was a girls night at someones house that I went to for a couple of hours) and so now it's 3:54am and I'm s l o w l y getting packed.

rubbermaid total:
--3 under bed and one "dresser" full of clothing
--1 with bedding
--1 with random stuff such as books, paper, frying pan, and other random kitchen stuff
--1 with shoes and stationary and a sewing kit, and uh. . .something else. . .

--There is a small storage box that has some Mark. materials in it.
--A box that holds my printer that doesn't work and needs to be replaced.

I'm also taking a small desk thing. . .

don't tell me, I'm overpacked.

The monster under the bed. . .

August 04 2005
every house has monsters. there is one in the dryer that steals one sock to make lots of mismatched pairs. there is the one in the fridge b/c our parents(or us for that matter) cooked something so long ago the food item is unidentifiable.

then there is the monster under the bed. Maybe children are afraid of this monster b/c of all the junk they shove under there to hide from mommy's and daddy's. Stuff goes under our beds never to be seen again. . .that is, until you decide you're moving to florida

I promise that i've cleaned out under my bed at least once or twice in the last 6 months. I guess it was never good enough, because the monster under my bed had my cordless phone, and he suddenly decided to regurgitate it.