October 23 2005
There is a Hurricane coming.

and i'm going to work

who needs boys, we have ice cream

October 21 2005


I subconsciously try way to hard to impress, and therefore have managed to push away. I need to figure out how to stop that. . .


October 20 2005
give Kelly my tickets? It's not that easy my friends. I want cool people to come see me and hang out with me

now, what this post is REALLY about. I (think I) am seeing this guy right now. . .what's going on b/t us is really still up in the air, but anyway

I went out with him tonight, all the ideas I could come up with were bad to him so he said he was just gonna surprise me. . .ahhhhh

He took me to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and then to see Relient K, MXPX, Rufio, and House of Heroes!

I was quite happy. especially when RK came on stage. So needless to say I had a FABULOUS night out.

end of my world. . .

October 18 2005
my cell phone is gone. . .if someone calls it and recieves an answer, can you please tell the person I want it back. . .I live in Chatham Square 17112

also. . .this is for my mom & sister mostly. . .oh and anna. . .

I recieved a little gift from Disney today...qute a plesent surprise. I was given a pass for the parks that is a one day hopper for myself and 3 guests(mom, megan anna)(??) and it also covers one trip to Disney quest, one trip to Pleasure Island, One trip to Typhoon Lagoon, one to Blizzard beach, and i think that's it...

but that's a lot of stuff for me and 3 guests. . .so if maybe some people could make it down before it gets too cold to go swimming we could use those Typhoon Lagoon/Blizzard beach days. ..and then when xmas rolls around. . .hmm. . .

I also still have 4 one day hopper passes

man, i need some visitors. if my family doesn't use them then whoever asks first can.

oh and I  get like 60% off in a handful of resorts


October 17 2005

As I sit at work on my ridiculously long break checking my e-mail and such. . .aladdin is sitting next to me


Ketchup Spillage

October 15 2005
I've got anna beat on the spillage story. . .

When changing the ketchup in the
condiment bar @ space dog. it is supposed to be in an upright position
when you pop the top off. failure to have it in that posistion will
cause spillage.

I failed.

and ended up with a handful of ketchup, in
the middle of the park(guests were around) 15 minutes before we were
supposed to be opening Space Dog.

My coordinator came by and says "there
is a nozzle that's supposed to go on the ketcup so that it'll pump"
problem: nozzle is on the other bag in the trashcan tied up behind the
stand we get our supplies from. . . yea. . .I had to get that out. .
.clean the ketchup off my body, and open the stand. . .
thank God for custodial who cleaned our ketchup spillage off the
ground. . . even though we had to clean it off the condiment bar. . .

life is beautiful

yes, but no. . .

October 15 2005
I'm seeing a guy. his name is adam. but he's not my boyfriend as megan so bluntly put it.

matt wins. . .which is odd. but whatever.

oh, and adam loves Jesus, so don't worry

begin now.

October 14 2005
something about me has changed, but i'm not telling what. it's 9:25 EST. lets see how long it takes the first person to figure it out.

What I didn't sign up for

October 14 2005
This is going to be an
ongoing list of things I didn't think I'd be doing when I started the job

1. Heavy lifting
2. annoying guests that dig to the bottom of the tub for drinks
3. Ketchup spills. . .
4. 3 hours over a hot grill making nasty hotdogs
5. My nametag saying a name that's not really mine.(marilyn & Amelia have been my most recent names)
6. being called a stripper by one of my managers. . .exact quote "what are you a stripper?why is that money in your pocket. That's what you have a money pouch for"
7. Cleaning the Space Dog sink system(2 hour process my friends!)

that's all I got. . .it's magical!


October 13 2005
I wanna come home. the last 7 days have NOT been the best of my life

2&1/2 more months

School Pictures

October 11 2005
This web site is pretty amazing - they actually have photographs of almost
every School in the World.

Unless you went to School when cameras weren't invented, you will find a photo of yourself or at least your classmates.

Click on the link below: Enter the name of your school and Year that you were there....


Stupid people vacation at Disney World.

October 10 2005
If the above statement is offensive to someone, I apologize. it's the truth.

As I spent precious time restocking the tub today, i would take the drinks from the bottom, put the warm ones on the bottom, and then put the cold ones on top. . .people watching me do this continuosly dug through my neat and pretty pile messed everything up, and only managed to end up with hot drinks.

there are some days I just hate my job.

then there are the days that it's not too terribly bad. . .those would be my days off. . .

well. i guess that's all. . .

update on my life. . .

October 07 2005
I got an Early Release(from now on known as an ER) today from work.I worked 2 hours. no joke

I hung out with this guy from work(but not my location, and not a CP) last night. he's nice. we're going to hang out after work tomorrow night as well. he's taking me out of my apartment bubble and introducing me to all the stuff every good cast member should see.

I made dinner tonight. It was exciting. Chicken and Rice. good home cooking!

I also cleaned a little.but not soo much.


October 06 2005
Banjogal24 (10:23:01 AM): my peanuts rain cloud never seems to go away.

PrincessOfGod786 (10:23:03 AM): you're telling me

strange things. . .

October 05 2005
1. Prices changed while i was gone. . . caused for slight complications since I had them memorized before I left

2. I live in the building of excitement. . .lets have a photo journal. . .

here we have "the largest bug in the world" dead,but in our hallway just the same

photo from lauraebeth

Then we had birds. . .

photo from lauraebeth

then today, a grasshopper, a large one.

photo from lauraebeth

photo from lauraebeth

Now, I just need a llama to show up. . .


October 03 2005
Xanga has obviously faced competition since the development of Phusebox. In the last few months there has been countless "cool features" added to xanga for the "classic users". This began with the addition of being able to edit your text. and then today all users that have been around since January 2004 were given 200mb of photo storage. well, i've been around xanga since 2002. . .so needless to say, I've recieved this.

To bad phusebox is still better. I enjoy communication between creator and user.

I'm back in Orlando, I miss Murfreesboro terribly, and one of my roomies has acquired a boyfriend, while the other is moving. I'm indifferent to the boyfriend situation

I have decided on holding off on artificality in the "love department" until the next real boyfriend comes along. I want to be more spiritual, and therefore attract spiritual guys, rather than the other type. . .

well, back to work tomorrow. Have a magical day!


October 02 2005
The retreat was really good.

I miss orlando a whole lot, but I'm really sad about having to go back. . .i know, conflict of interest there. . .but I met some cool people this weekend. and like, it makes me sad. I'm gonna miss my friends in murfreesboro sooo bad. But i miss my girls in 17112.

I have a lot of pictures from the retreat this past weekend. but it's too slow in the upload process. so, you know. . .

I also am not doing so well in school. we know how that goes. . .

**edit** i'll be making an attempt to make it to campus tomorrow. also, I added approximently 90 pictures tonight. . .Fall Retreat, Mickey's Boo to You Halloween Parade, and My night(2 hours) at Epcot with my girls before I came to Murfreesboro


Photo From lauraebeth

September 27 2005

photo from lauraebeth

too bad i'll be home

It's time!

September 27 2005
Here I come. . .11:10am.

I'm soooo excited

Firewall Protection.

September 24 2005
The duty of a firewall is to keep bad things off the internet off of a computer.

mine is REALLY GOOD. It prevents me from taking the exam for my Health and Wellness class.

I just wanna come home! I wish I was on track with all my crazy homework