October 02 2005
The retreat was really good.

I miss orlando a whole lot, but I'm really sad about having to go back. . .i know, conflict of interest there. . .but I met some cool people this weekend. and like, it makes me sad. I'm gonna miss my friends in murfreesboro sooo bad. But i miss my girls in 17112.

I have a lot of pictures from the retreat this past weekend. but it's too slow in the upload process. so, you know. . .

I also am not doing so well in school. we know how that goes. . .

**edit** i'll be making an attempt to make it to campus tomorrow. also, I added approximently 90 pictures tonight. . .Fall Retreat, Mickey's Boo to You Halloween Parade, and My night(2 hours) at Epcot with my girls before I came to Murfreesboro