To the one. . .

September 16 2005
To the person(people??) whose advice i'm too stubborn to listen to always remember, that as ignorant as I may seem. . .

photo from lauraebeth

I've also been talking to someone tonight who has made me realize some crazy profound things about relationships and the such(no one knows this person, so don't ask)

Florida is good, and I really wanna come see everyone. . .

and mom, don't ask. b/c I don't feel like sharing. and I won't

QOTD: "So it's offical, Disney doesn't care about us." ~Angel Thomas(the coolest negro I know)

I recieved some books today in the mail that will distract me from schoolwork for at least the next 3 weeks. it's a series!

Megan Polis

September 17 2005
yea yea yea i know but mom hasn't sat down and done them w/ me so nothing can get done