Night of Joy

September 10 2005
An event to some considered the "nights of terror" it's acutally considered one of Disney's "holidays". this "holiday" is equal to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Night of Joy is a HUGE two night event for christian music. Well, according to my roomie who works on the west side said it was sooo cool, she got to see the concert(matthew west and casting crowns) and everyone was so nice and into Jesus

Now, on the east side, it consisted of people that annoyed me a bit, and then me giving directons to a theater I wasn't really sure of the location of. . .

Night of Joy is ironically the worst time of the year for disney. More stuff is stolen and more money is lost than any other holiday season.

Strange isn't it. A huge christian event, and more stuff stolen than any other time . . .

:: on a side note, I sold soda to a family from Murfreesboro today. Their kids go to Reeves Rogers(daughter had a school shirt on, I mean seriously what are the chances of another reeves rogers) but I did ask, so they really were from M'boro. and that was quite an exciting time for me ::