Guardian Angels

August 03 2005
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. -- Ecclesiastes 3:1

I almost went to the NB devo tonight, but then decided I needed to be at SRC.

Worship at SRC was amazing. Then I was invited to the Lintons to hang out with the crew.

So I went.

Afterwards I had to drive someone home, by driving this friend home, I recieved 5 dollars. My gas tank was empty.

As I drove down Almaville Rd. I noticed that the gas station on my left had gas for $2.13/gallon. well I thought the other 2 would too. but it was $2.19 there. I turned around. passed the entrance, turned back around and went to the cheaper place. I pulled in. grabbed the money(all quarters) and went to put $4. 75 worth of gas in my car.

As I was walking towards the stations entrance, I noticed steam coming from the drivers side corner of the front of my car.

This had me concerned.

Megan got out, popped the hood and I started to fill the car with gas.

When I was finished, I started looking under the hood of my car. Clueless as to what I should do, and contemplating what i should do.

A man walked over. He was an older gentleman.

cutting the story short. He at least temporarily fixed my car so that I could make the 5 minute drive home. He owns a car garage. Megan got the name. she's decided that's where she'll get the car fixed from now on.

the moral of the story. Go to SRC. b/c then your car will break down. . ..waiiiiit a minute. I'm just kidding.

It's just interesting to see how God works in the most mysterious of ways at a golden gallon on a late wednesday night.

Oh and the man gave us tracts

and I'm still not packed. . .and i'm going to the Mercy Me concert tomorrow, and a formal on friday