and so it begins

July 28 2005
Camp is over. This saddens me greatly.

I've read 23 books this year.

I move to florida in like 10 days.

My sister is dogsitting for a family with a pool. therefore, I shall be using the pool tomorrow(we're close with the family)

In the process of Anna making fun of me, she(w/o realizing) poured fudge into her coke. we laughed for a while. . .everyone stared

then 15 minutes later. Skid was picking something up off the coffee table in the living room. this coffee table was situated right in front of anna and I and he was bent over. . .we laughed harder. is where you can view my camp photos. . .i think . . .

Sam-Graham Jinn (Graham Wells)

July 28 2005
I've read almost that many in the last month and a half.

Anna Miller

July 28 2005
EXCEPT Captivating. loser.