this deserves a blog.

January 14 2007
okay kids.

4 classes. not many, right? I mean, what are the chances of having class with anyone i know.

so. here's the breakdown. and for kicks and giggles, names of the people i'm spending the semester with

Music: 2 girls from my highschool(one of which was in AE tonight) Patricia Bass & Jerika Hale.

Speech: 2 girls from HS, Lacey Gooch & Jerika Hale

Intro to rec: one from my North Boulevard days/HS one from a class last semester, and one from RFC(cherie gambill, jarrod wilson, & brad fradrich)

rec for persons with disabilities: RFC, brad fradrich

some of you. . . :: cough :: anna miller :: cough :: will prolly get a kick out of this list. . .maybe, idk. . .and then the weiler woman may find it interesting as well. . .who knows

dang i gotta move. this is out of freaking control.