an update. yo.

July 19 2006
An update on my life. yayrah!

I walked into the deli yesterday. and as I found out today, their
cashier quit yesterday. I had my job back w/o even trying. word.

so, I have not one, but 2 jobs. I'm pumped. I work 9.5 hours today b/t
them. but, there's a nice little break in between, so that's good.

TWO JOBS!!!! yay!!

So, tonight is the only day I work @ AE this week. and i'm at the deli
all week, but my weekend is free. . .too bad i'm poor. it's so so sad.
I should come into some money

I have also discovered the wonders of netflix in the last week. This is
currently my greatest joy. I suddenly decided I wanted to see all of
Gilmore girls. and nextflix was the cheapest, quickest, most amazing
way. yay!

so that's a wrap. not too much going on. hehe.


July 19 2006
what deli?


July 20 2006
i went there once