ain't no place like the good ole 32821!

December 11 2005
:: disclaimer :: i stole this

I am a Disney CP. Yes I lived in Orlando, and yes, it's shady and skeezy - but just thinking about it makes me smile.
We dont call it Orlando, it's O-town or 32821, get it right

go to the parks everyday and make damn sure we get backdoored onto the
rides. And yes, getting backdoored is the best thing ever.

We go to Wal-Mart all the time for no reason, and bitch b/c Target has a closing time.

We could be from Alaska or Maine, but we still went home saying "ya'll." (this one is my FAVORITE cuz it is so true)

We know what TTC, DAK, PI and all those fun things stand for.

We've had to pop our trunks for security

We know what Vista Lay means.

We compare our ID pictures

We love going to the Vista Pool, but we'd NEVER go in the hot tub

We've been to Bdubs and Ale House at least 3 times a week, with at least 10 other people.

My car STILL has sand in it from Cocoa Beach.

We ruled PI on thursday nights.

We have friends in almost every country.

least 100 of us can never work for disney again because we got fired
for drinking in our apts or stealing stupid Disney stuff.

We've almost been hit by a Dynamic bus at least 5 times

We still can't figure out what language the bus drivers are speaking in

We like to pretend that we understand every language spoken to us

We eat Chick-fil-a and Wendy's for every meal.

We know what alpha-unit means, and if our friends at home get hurt, we always ask them 3 times if they need assistance

We could go to Starbucks... while shopping at Target

We dated or made out with at least one person, whether we liked them or not.

I still have a ZILLION of those stupid mickey stickers

I've been to Mickey's Retreat on more than one occassion

We point with 2 fingers, not one and magical moments and take 5's make me smile

am an 05 CP, and im damn proud of it. I hope to God you have a magical
day (If someone wishes you a magical day it means f*** you in disney

Anna Miller

December 12 2005
Ain't no place like 37130. And it's The Boro, not Murfreesboro. Woot Woot.

Laura Polis

December 12 2005
its the 37129 :)

Becky Robinson

December 13 2005
I think it should be 37130 because that and the Boro rhyme, haha and because that is my zip.