December 07 2005
*edit* I'm not coming home. I have a HOT new neighbor from Italy!

I assume I mentioned in a previous post that I've become sick again.

well last night at work, i had a runny nose, was poppng cough drops like no ones business, then went and cleaned the pretzel wagon and came back inside, and started talking and my voice was just gone.

it wasn't funny at all, but we were immensly amused by it, b/c it seemed 5 minutes before I was talking normally. . .

I'm going to audition for a character role tomorrow. if I get it, I believe I will be staying here another semester.

but i still plan on going to louisiana, going to gulf coast getaway. . .and then working. . .I can't just stop my life completely for my job

So i'll be updating again in a few days letting yall know what else is going on. have a great day!

Becky Robinson

December 07 2005
Another semester? Wow I was actually starting to miss you some, haha just kidding we have missed you the whole time, but I guess if you have to have fun with it.