Ketchup Spillage

October 15 2005
I've got anna beat on the spillage story. . .

When changing the ketchup in the
condiment bar @ space dog. it is supposed to be in an upright position
when you pop the top off. failure to have it in that posistion will
cause spillage.

I failed.

and ended up with a handful of ketchup, in
the middle of the park(guests were around) 15 minutes before we were
supposed to be opening Space Dog.

My coordinator came by and says "there
is a nozzle that's supposed to go on the ketcup so that it'll pump"
problem: nozzle is on the other bag in the trashcan tied up behind the
stand we get our supplies from. . . yea. . .I had to get that out. .
.clean the ketchup off my body, and open the stand. . .
thank God for custodial who cleaned our ketchup spillage off the
ground. . . even though we had to clean it off the condiment bar. . .

life is beautiful

Matt Beck

October 15 2005


October 16 2005
Nah. I like Anna's story better.

Anna Miller

October 16 2005
me too.