sand. sun. and lots of fun.

June 28 2005
so i'm sitting here by the pool in the most beautiful beach house in the world getting ready to play pool volleyball. yes i am in heaven, or somewhere close to it.

i have enjoyed boogie boarding, a glass of wine, a cigar, i've spent more money than a gal my age should, i have jumped in the pool... fully clothed, and rediscovered my country roots and my tan.

soon i will be sky diving and shark fishing with the best of them.

but i'd be lying if i said i didn't miss you guys a little bit. i'm coming back on friday.

see y'all then.

edit : i went dancing tonight with my cousins. i will now be able to teach you guys some new moves when i come back.

Dana Yo

June 28 2005
Ugh! I need to be there. Omg guess what! Nick spiva has a xanga. Lexie has been talking about him with Alex, Spiva;s best friend appearently, and she told me. Alex wants to give me Nick's number too, but I won't take it, lol. Anyways his xanga name is nick_spiva (real creative)! lol. Don't get hooked on those drugs and alcohol, lol. Be safe. Don't go too far out with all of those bull shark attacks! HAve fun!


June 28 2005
Y'all. Y'ALL. It is spelled Y-apostrophe-A-L-L. Sheesh. *winks* Cigars. Icky.

Dana Yo

June 29 2005
I saw what oyu put on his site, lol. did oyu read what lana wrote. Omg I'm so embarressed. lol. don't tell him you got his s/n from me. I don't want him to think me of any more of a freak than what Lexie has told Alex who will tell him, lol. If he ever ask say you got it from Alex's friend Lexie. omg, if he ever found out he would think i was a stalker. I hope he doesn't rememer me too cause Lexie told Alex all this stuff and like they talk about nick the whole time, so yeah I'm pretty sure Alex will tell him. Omg I am so embarressed, lol.


June 30 2005
so Lauren...Brian eh?

Rachel Sullivan

July 02 2005
haha wow am i jealous ;)!!!!