March 01 2006
i haven't updated in a while so i figured i would. like i've told some of you, life is kinda boring. well i have a choir concert tomorrow, and i might try out 4 dance team next year, since there is not a shot for me making varsity cheer. but i've been struggling with it, so if you have advice it would b appreceated. k well that's about all folks.


Candace Bolden

March 01 2006
lol well my b-day is on saturday. When is ur sisters b-day??? Well my life is boring too. LOL!!! well ttyl

Candace Bolden

March 03 2006
lol well try not to hurt the lil kids. LOL!!! We really need to get together soon. I haven't seen u in forever. So yeah we should do that soon. Just think of sum10 to do and call me my cell # is 945-3308.


March 04 2006
don't yah just love sixth graders?!! haha it was actually kind of fun being the boss! i love you! <3be blessed