February 08 2006


well d-now was amazing!!! my life is once again boring, but ya know i guess that's life sometimes lol . ok well leave me some comments! k

<3 always


Candace Bolden

February 09 2006
Hey Lindsay, It's been so long since i've seen or talked to u. Wow i guess it was the start of 7th grade when i talked to u last. So how r u??? Well i'll ttyl love ya Candace


February 10 2006
i love lindsey ann mapes!

kaitlin gay

February 12 2006
HELLO pretty girl! hope you are having a wonderful sunday. i shall see you at school in the morning =)


February 19 2006
i can relate with the boring life...!!! lol d-now was SICK! haha i love you girl! be blessed