January 29 2006


well northside is doin deciple now and i'm sooooo excited, cuz i get to go!!! it's all next weekend. i get to spend an entire weekend away from home, and worshiping the lord with all my friends. who could ask for a better weekend!! last night we had the football banquet for siegel. it was fun, but it was looooooong. and since freshman cheerleaders don't count very much, we had to go first and sit through everything afterward. and on top of that my cell phone went off in the middle of the service. i almost died of embarrasment! but it was all ok. i got 2 new sweat shirts this weekend. one for d-now, and one for being a freshman cheerleader. well i'm gonna go . leave some comments.




January 31 2006
i am pretty sure you don't know how to spell *disciple*! hahaha i love you anyways lol but so yea...pretty sure this weekend is going to be flippin AMAZING! God is going to do so much! i soooo hope you are in my house!!