January 17 2006

hello me again, i'm about to go to the varsity basketball game @siegel. i think we'll do good. ok well ne way now on to today's FYI

" what the bible says about dating"

dictionary definition: dating- meeting someone socially at a praticualr time, especially a member of the oppsite sex.

alternate defintion: dating- a guaranteed way to turn your parents into basket cases.

bible verse:

" each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know god....no one should wrong his brother ot take advantage of him."

1 thessalonians 4:4-6  ( self explanitory!)

why is it so scary to ask someone for a date? how old should you be to go out on a date? if a guy spends alot of money on you, do you have to let him kiss you? do you get embarrassed when your parents meet the person you're dating?  

(these are some of the most common questions about dating)

intersesting fact!!

50% of the girls and 40% of guys graduate from high school without ever having a date! 

 ( that is incredible!)

kk have a wonderful day!


January 18 2006
wow...cool! lol I LOVE YOU LINDSEY ANN!<3


January 20 2006
i'm excited lol and i can tell you are too! lol tomarrow night is going to be sooo much funnnn!! lol love you girl!!

Candace Bolden

February 09 2006
hey Lindsay, It's been so long since i've seen or talked to u. Wow we really needa hang out soon. Wow so much has gone on in my life since i talked to u last. Love Always, Candace