Lots of Stuff

January 12 2006
On Christmas day my car got to 10,000 miles!!!!
I thought I could get home before it got to 10,001, but it changed right when I turned onto my street.  So that was fun...
I've spent most of the break working.  I worked at KBC for like 2 weeks doing different stuff.  And I worked at JCC.  So now I don't have to work anymore!! Yay!!  And I'm going back to school on Sunday and I'm going to watch the season premiere of 24!!!  It's supposed to be awesome--with two explosions!!  I so can't wait!  We're having a meeting for SLT on Monday.  I cait wait to see what God has planned for the BSU (aka BCM) this semester!! Erin got some fun curlers, so we had to play with them.  Look how gorgeous she is!!!
Starbucks is yummy!!  Santa brought me a gift certificate...of course, it's gone now!  But I think they should have the peppermint mocha frappucino all year cuz it's some yummidelisiousness!!
O and I found some of my senior pictures, so they're on here now!! Yay!  I'm going to the UK game on Saturday!!  I really hope they figure out how to play basketball by then...   And I love this picture!! hehe!