December 04 2005
so i have had several complaints/whatever about all the pictures i uploaded on saturday night... well i put the pics on my computer at 3 separate times a long time ago and finally got time to put them on phusebox.  and yes i did just put a few more on tonight--just for hodg-e!! haha!!  i have been told i put over 90 pictures on saturday..hehe!!  so i was bored...
o if i havent informed you: the new season of 24 does not start on jan.8th like i was told it did.  it starts the next week on the 15th. so thats a bit sad but...
season 4 comes out on tuesday!!!!! yay!!!

hmm...i still havent made the onion ring blog that i is coming...maybe after finals...
have a great week!!!


December 04 2005