October 23 2005
ok so apparently you can only join 102 groups on facebook cuz um...i cant join anymore  :(  its sad!!  maybe i'll just delete all my groups and join new ones....or maybe i'll actually start studying...
hey go to !! i love their new song!! 
77 days til season 5 of 24!!!  i cant wait!!
um..im watching golf on ABC...why?  because it's on a DisneyWorld golf course and occasionaly they show the castle, the Grand Floridian, and the Contemporary...o and the monorail!!  I miss it!!  I wanna go back RIGHT NOW!!!  lol

Matt Beck

October 23 2005
well you can join as many groups as you want on PhuseBox


October 23 2005
YAY!!!! that makes me happy!! lol