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Boys will be boys...but what about the men?

January 15 2006

Some high school boys decided to dress up-one as Snow White and the rest as the dwarfs-and act out a gang rape during their school's pep rally.  These boys spoke with the principle and admitted that they did not realize this might offend somebody.  These boys went unpunished.  "Boys will be boys."  These boys admitted that saying, "I love _____; or anything associated with love is emasculating especially for athletes who need to be fierce and tough during the game/match. 

No matter what somebody says, men can show emotions.  Better than that, they should and must show emotions.  Jesus showed emotions and nobody can question his manhood or his toughness.  He endured more than normal men during his scourgings and beatings before his death.

If we, as future dads, begin now, then our sons will notice and they will know that it is not only okay, but necessary.

Garrett Haynes

January 20 2006
man u almost never update, but ever time u do, u always have something great to say. I liked it.