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seeking: a role model

October 25 2005

i was thinking about role models yesterday and i thought, what does it take to be a role model?  then i see today that Rosa Parks died.  of course we all know who she was (at least we should) because to me she was a role model.

but who are the role models these days?  adulterers (in real life and on TV), pompous athletes, semi-dressed singers.  have you ever noticed who gets all the magazine covers and tv coverage, etc.?  

for the 2 people who will read this...who is your role model?  something to really reflect on personally. 

Nathan Moore

October 25 2005
well, i guess the closest would be my dad... but good entry...

Zach McCain

November 14 2005
I would have to say that my role model is my grandfather. He has been a great Godly inspiration in my life.

Alex Lewis

November 17 2005
YOU!!!!!! Ever since that one fateful day we met! and always until the end of time!!!!!!

Garrett Haynes

November 23 2005
You and Clint Nadeau are the 2 best examples of Christ like role models we have ever had.