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Please Consider These Words

October 21 2005

i understand that many use this site as a public journal or a message board to talk to friends, but i beg that you consider the words below and take them to heart because in this world we live there are people who are hurting and searching.

the murder of San Francisco DA's wife was most likely done by a neighbor who apparently is satanic and the news this morning have called it inexplicable.  but i can explain for you right now.  we live in a time when materialism is the rule (bear with me, i know i talk about this a lot). 

have you ever wondered why books called the purpose driven life and your best life now are #1 sellers?  it's because people are searching for a purpose in their life and an ideology that says we are but accidents from blind events cannot help them.  but we can help them. 

i encourage every one of you to seriously consider these words and think of at least one person you can reach out to.  let's bring this hope to the schools, neighborhoods, coffee shops, malls, wherever.  just please don't let these words wash over you.