refrigerator box

October 16 2005

so i was dropping my little sis off at her dorm in nashville when, out by the dumpster, i saw it.  abandaned, discarded, tossed aside as refuse... a refrigerator box.  i couldn't believe someone would get rid of something of such value.  so i took it.  you can do a lot with a cardboard box, you know.  but you can do even more with a refrigerator box--it has all the characteristics of a cardboard box, only in supersize. 

i remember my first refrigerator box.  we had grown bored of hiding in bushes, pulling stuffed animals across the road.  the refrigerator box was in jackson's garage; his parents told us we could have it.  they would never do that again.  we had my young sister (quite small at the time) lie down on the box, and we traced her body there, so that what was left was a lonely silhouette of a girl with arms stretched out to the sides.  we cut the giant paper-doll out and tied fishing line to a hole in each elbow.  using the best of my boy scout knot-tying skills, i fastened one end of the fishing line to a tree, about shoulder-height on a small girl.  the other end of the line remained in our hands as we hid in the bushes.  our cardboard cutout friend also hid, face down in the road, so as to attract no attention.  but as each car would approach, we'd pull with might on our fishing line, watching refrigerator girl spring to life in the middle of the street.  fun times.

so... what to do with this refrigerator box...?  any ideas?  my wife wants it out of the house within a few days.  i must do something with my box.

Jonathan Moore

October 18 2005
LOL I say you do the same thing you did at a younger age haha except this time lay the cut out on I 24 haha. Or maybe you could make a bomb shelter out of it and your wife would let you keep it for fear of a nuclear attack..... yea I like that idea haha. Have a great day. It was good seein you today I hope things work out in Hebrew. Peace out. In Him, Jonathan


October 18 2005
I can't think of any idea's for you....but I do agree that those big boxes are fun, we played with them all the time when I was little.