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bad luck

September 22 2006

i'm contemplating where to begin and what to leave out lol.   we'll start with more recent events. so you probably know the whole deal about the mold and having to move our entire life into a hotel in a land far far away. well that was supposed to be for about 3 days. well... a month later they tell us we can finally move in on wednesday... but the hotel is over booked and we have to be out of there by monday or something... so we have no where to go for 2 days.   well beth and i got moved into some apartments right next to campus... but we went into our room and there were already 2 girls in there and it's a 3 person room.... so we look for and R.A.. but it takes us like half an hour to find one... then they take an hour or so to figure things out blah blah blahhhhhh. 

so we finally get our entire lives moved into these apartments and about 9:30 the fire alarm goes off. which would have been fine.... had i not been in the shower!   i am naked and my room mate is like... "you have to come out the fire alarm is going off" so i get out and run outside completely soaked and we stand in the cold for about 20 minutes  and i hear people saying "that sucks, that girl was in the shower"...  

so yea, the next night i'm doing some homework and beth is on the phone . and to sum up her bad luck there was some drama.  and she was PISSED.. and was going to drive to frekin Erin... so i told her i was coming. [insert dramatic stuff].   so we get back and i'm like,.. "where's my purse"    . . . . you know that thing with my debit card, social security card, account number card, liscense, ipod, and $200 i just got out of the bank.. well shit... it fell out at a gas station.... that we couldn't remember the location of.....      but we found the station and some godly person turned my purse in without looking through it! i got lucky right?

well next morning i got my ipod out...  

someone ran over it. it's a big ole hunk of expensive junk now.

oh and now they're trying to charge me for living those apartments for two nights! wtf..

those are a few of the big things, and it's the little things that threw me over the edge yesterday....    stuff like losing my keys, and my friggin gay keyboard missing the screws for the stand, the cd, and the friggin adapter that no other place has.  plus i had to sing for a voice class and i really screwed that up bigtime and that depresses me. and a few other things depress me too lol  but    i hope things start working out now cause i can't laugh at this stuff for much longer! lol

don't let this entry make you think i'm like suicidal or hating college, cause it's quite the opposite. i just wanted to share my wonderfull karma with everyone and tell you guys to pray for me to be release from this curse! lol


the brian king kenobi

September 23 2006
thanx :) yeah, i read this post and was like yikes . . . uber suckage. so you can call me if you ever need me . . . 901-678-6404

Linda Turner

September 23 2006
Wow, sounds like you could use a visit from a short blonde and a cool asian. Hope things start getting better. *hug* I love you Jackie!