NYC get ready, I'm comin home!

February 13 2006

So it appears that I may be coming back to the big apple!

Just been working on a deal with Weaver McCracken and the North American Mission Board to allow me to come work in New York City again this summer as I did last summer.

I will likely be working at Paint the Town again. I love that job. I love Roy and Mallory. This will certainly be a test for me. There are certain obstacles that I must first overcome before I am able to accept this trip to New York.

I ask that whoever reads this be praying for me as this decision and everything that must be done to finalize it draws near. I also ask for prayer as I have been nominated to be the Mississippi state-wide BSU Vice President. If I should land this role there will be a lot of expectation on me in the coming year. Please pray that God grants me the guidance and strength to handle these duties.

Advanced Infectious Mononucleosis

September 16 2005
Has anyone ever had mono? Well this week I am so fortunate to have been diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis. a.k.a. "The Kissing Disease," and for those of your wondering, I have not been going around kissing people. You know, I have always wondered about this disease and that they all hype up how contageous it is through the mouth and saliva, but you know what? It has to start somewhere! What initially causes mono? Any of you actually pay attention in health class? I didn't, and I am certainly paying for it. I went to the store today and bought about $30 worth of juices, yogurt and jello. I hate that my throat was so swollen that it was too painful to force down any solid food. Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, I don't know how I got this for sure, but be weary of who you kiss and who you drink after. Because I am in it for the looooong hall!

Missing Katrina

August 31 2005
Hey! Has anyone seen my lost hurricane? I left the door open and she slipped away from me. Sorry about that. Boy, she got away in a hurry, didn't she? Please be careful, Katrina can be a little blunt and get herself into mischief sometimes. Hope she doesn't break any of your stuff!

Karalee, Kim, Kaleb

August 11 2005
The four horsemen of the apocalypse are coming and they are NOT bringing me flowers and its making it really hard for me to get organized.


August 07 2005


August 02 2005
I am so not ready to leave here. I know I am coming back in short order, but it will not be the same. It is the whole experience and people and surroundings. It won't be the same coming back here by myself or with different people.


August 02 2005
What is the air-speed velocity of a cocnut laden swalow?


July 31 2005
so i love how totally random this summer has been. i am all about the spontaneous trips to movies and/or dinner. this has been a very moving experience and a rather dramatic change from my seemingly dull life of mississippi. maybe it is the fast pace of the city that i have been away from way too much. there it is! that settles it... i spend too much time away from my home of good ole New York City!!! this really is home to me, and it is summers and all around experiences like this that really make me wonder why i really "need" to go home. i know i REALLY do not want to. yeah i would like to go back and hurry up and finish my edumacation. but i am ready to make a move up here. i am looking forward to the day and dreading the time between here and there.


July 09 2005
this phuse box thing is kinda weird. i wonder how many different "profile websites" people can create within the same summer.