January 13 2006

So God's creation is all around us.  His beauty resounds in the trees, the sky, the ocean, the mountains and the people who occupy the space around us.  Living in Hawaii for the past five days has opened my eyes to the surrounding beauty of God's creation. I will post a few picutres that give examples to you of what I am talking about.  This place is beautiful...even in the rain.  The sound of the rain echoing off the roof of the BCM house each day has resulted in a soothing mood each evening.  here are some pictures for you...thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement!  We love you all!


I like to call these "Jesus Clouds" when there is just enough light peeking out to realize that there is something as magnificant as the sun behind them!

I mean is it just me, or does this look like a postcard?? 

First Day

January 10 2006

Well hello to our 12 friends!  This page is going to be for Justin and I to post pictures and blogs for you guys out there who want to know what is going on in Hilo, HI.  So far, things are amazing.  We took a tour of the university today and got to meet a lot of the students who come in and out of the BCM.  After that, Christy and Kerri (the other two semester missionaries), Justin and I took a trip around Hilo and got to see some of God's amazingly beautiful creations!  We are so blessed to be here and to be surrounded by God's glory.  Thanks for all of your prayers.  We will be sure to keep you updated on how things are going!  We love you all!! 

Grace and Peace,

Justin and Leslie