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Andy Milonakis is a dimwit

November 28 2005
We’re all guilty of doing childish and absurd acts every now and then, but there are the select few that shamelessly want their harebrained moments publicized. Unfortunately for many of us, Andy Milonakis is one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy randomness and sketch comedy, but this guy is just an asinine Atkins reject. In my opinion, he should not be on television. Oh well, it’s not as though MTV has great judgment when it comes to which shows to broadcast.

However, his show is ideal for those that lack an attention span. Yet, I doubt I'd find it more enjoyable even if I was under the influence. There is no theme, storyline, point, or any need to stay focused. And among the show’s cornucopia of ludicrous scenes, Andy Milonakis does not hesitate to insult others and be highly offensive. Not only did he record a rap entitled “The Super Bowl is Gay” with lyrics consisting of: Water’s gay just like the chicken that you’re eating/Cologne is gay/Put on some cologne, you faggot, cuz you’re gay. He also ridicules the elderly, which make up the majority of his victims. He challenged senior citizens to race him, calling each one a bitch. He probably chooses to target this age group since the younger, more able-bodied ones would pummel the shit out of him. I may be a tad hypocritical in scrutinizing Andy Milonakis for his verbally abusive nature, but at least I know my boundaries.

The two boys that I babysit (ages 13 and 10) adore the show and believe that Andy Milonakis is a comic genius. When inquired as to why, they responded that he was just a kid their age that had their sense of humor. Little do they know that Andy Milonakis is bordering on thirty years old, but his appearance and juvenile buffoonery have deceived many. Hopefully Andy’s fans will simply outgrow his witless show and it will be cancelled, preferably sometime this week.

can someone explain this to me?

November 02 2005

why are there so many people from TN on phusebox?