Jessica Jo



June 23 2007

Life right now is crazy and hectic. My boss just left for Las Vegas on a business trip that I sadly could not go on because I have to run the store. The store is now my responsibility from today until after Thursday. It makes me a bit nervous but I feel like I can handle it. I have to not only work overtime at the store but bring home work with me as well. I am thankful that she trusts me as much as she does.


But I can say with 100% certainty that I am happy. The people God has put in my life add so much joy. I truly can not imagine life without them. Life for me right now is so full of surprises. *laughs* Especially in the dating area....I can't help but smile.


Jamie Crabtree

June 24 2007
I never followed you around that one time...


June 24 2007
i got faith in you

Rebecca Jensen

June 24 2007
uh oh sounds like we need to talk so I can catch up.