Jessica Jo


Wow....Fine Arts

August 12 2006

So....fine arts was really really fun. Friendships have been created and bonds have grown stronger. We not only grew stronger together one on one but as a whole youth group as well.

Personally some of my own walls have been knocked down and happiness has replaced it. I know God reigns supreme in my life....nothing else could ever replace Him.

I have a lot of good memories and A LOT of inside jokes. I think my favorite would have to be the one with Megan McCann. hehe.

I'm going to go back every year as youth staff. YAY. I'm already going to put the money aside for next year and not touch it.

I have more to write but I won't. There are some things that need only to be kept at the center of your heart.

For now...I have two weeks until college starts....something I have been dreading and anticipating all summer long. It's just another step that I have to take and one that will determine a lot about my future.

I'm trusting God with heart and decisions belong to Him. Please guide me God. I'm feeling quite small...


August 12 2006
heehee..i heard about those "kissable lips" oh yes i did!

Becca Hicks

August 12 2006
ahh!! i missed you so much!!

Meagan McCann

August 12 2006
MUAH!!!!! i love jessica... lol meag