Jessica Jo


Today has been a complete and total BLAST

July 09 2006

Okay so maybe I won't go into ALL of the details because it would take way too long but I will give you the general idea.

I taught the kindergarden and 1st grade sunday school class today. I went into it feeling nervous and kind of feeling out of my norm for a bit. I had SO much fun. I think little children are so much fun to teach because they get excited if you get excited. We had a lot of fun with crafts, games, and the lesson. They are SO made me proud that they could answer ALL of the review questions before they left.

We had a visitor and his name was Christopher Jon Stewart. He was the CUTEST boy I think I've ever seen besides Joshua Ayers. Boys can be so sweet and cute when they are little. Awww.

And tonight is VBS! I am so excited! I feel just like a kid again........ :-) :-)


July 09 2006
that's right! MY LITTLE BRO IS THE BEST!

beth cooper

July 09 2006
aww i loved vbs at my church, i was helpin out with the 4 year olds and they were all adorable. ( :

Marybeth Jensen

July 10 2006
Ah yes, Christopher...::sigh:: so energetic...While I was watching the obstacle course, he kept running around to half way through and would jump on so he didn't have to wait in line. haha. It was so cute.