Jessica Jo


I'm tired

July 07 2006

Yes....even as I'm reading the title of my blog I'm thinking...."You're tired. Get over it. That's life." Mhmm.

Been busy but happy as well.

Been having weird weird dreams with the same people in them......weird.....

And have I mentioned that shopping for babies is SO much fun and SO expensive? I can't leave the store without having to spend.....a lot. I will find so many adorable things that it takes me FOREVER to decide. My sister just has to have another baby girl for me to spoil......:-)


July 08 2006
of course! that's what aunties are for!

beth cooper

July 09 2006
im tired too. and i wish i had an older sister so she could have a baby for me to spoil. ( :

Aaron Massey

July 09 2006
hey, thanks for the remark. sorry i missed church today.. this time i actually had a reason. i was out of town with my family, but i should make night service. have an awesome day. and i'll see ya around. peace!