Jessica Jo



June 13 2006

My grandmother is believed to have had a mini stroke today. Please pray nothing worse develops.

All I can do is pray.

This is tearing me up inside. It's hard to be strong when you feel you aren't.....


June 13 2006
I'm praying.


June 15 2006
I've prayed for Ma and your family for the past two nights. Trusting God for His will! And remember you don't have to be strong all the time. It's ok to break and cry when you need to. In fact, it's good for you.

Aaron Massey

June 15 2006
I hope she's okay... :( But for future reference.. I believe the phrase you were trying to say.. end with "you"... "I love you".... repeat it please.... J/k, i hope you have a great day.