Jessica Jo


Beautiful Things

April 23 2006

My random list of beautiful things.....

1. Having God's love and's a beautiful thing.

2. OREOs and's a beautiful thing.

3. Finally doing what you should do without fear of other people's's a beautiful thing.

4. Sipping tea on the back deck while watching the's a beautiful thing.

5. Driving down a long country road with the windows down, hand out the window, and the music's a beautiful thing.

6. Having kids run up to you, surround you, and hug you just because they are so excited to tell you what happened to them during the past's a beautiful thing.

7. Rocking a baby or little child asleep and having their head fall asleep on your shoulder or have their hand clasped around a's a beautiful thing.

8. Learning those life lessons to help you grow as a's a beautiful thing.

9. Loving with all you's a beautiful thing.

10. Celebrating the small things in life just because you's a beautiful thing.


April 23 2006

Aaron Massey

April 23 2006
hm... interesting.... btw thank you for the remark... sorry i missed church today. had baseball again... hope your weekend was better than mine. i'll see ya later.

David Ambrose

April 24 2006
yes. very beautiful

Karus Bittner

April 24 2006
those are beautiful