Jessica Jo



April 18 2006

So today has been interesting and fun. I won't go into much details.

I'm at work right now and bored to death. I have to close myself.

I have a lot coming up.

And I keep getting so much stuff from MTSU in the mail and none of it makes that much sense so I'm going to the Business Office tomorrow to sort everything out. Fun.

My Marybeth

Ben Moser

April 18 2006
my mom works in the business office at mtsu.


April 18 2006
I love marybeth! she's so adorable! you know i took that picture? i don't ever wanna have to close when i start working...I've heard so many bad stories..


April 18 2006
yeah i think that would be scary. marybeth is cute! we need to figure out exactly what are plans are for tomorrow. we'll talk during lunch. i heart you!