Jessica Jo



April 16 2006

Today has been more wonderful than I could ever describe. I loved being at church.  As I was sitting in Children's Church with a child in my lap and my arms wrapped around two of my favorite kids I was awed. And I would look at the kids sitting beside me and feel the love God has for them......because I love them too. I don't think I could ever say just how much children have impacted my life and taught me how to grow. Each one is so beautiful in their own little ways.

I am so honored, thankful, and humbled by what God did for me 2,000 years ago. And the best way to say it is....."HE IS RISEN!"

Now I have to study for a test tomorrow and I want to go for a long walk on my road reflecting on today, God, and life.

Tonight I'm going to watch the Passion of the Christ. Tomorrow is work after school.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter surrounded by all of your loved ones.

beth cooper

April 16 2006
im glad you love it cuz it came from my head. it was my experiment on writing.

Ben Moser

April 16 2006

David Ambrose

April 17 2006
How are you?