Jessica Jo


New Update

March 30 2006

I look like a clam....I was outside for about 7 hours yesterday and my face got burnt...really it's all swollen and puffy. How lovely....

Alicia and I walked 15 miles yesterday at the Greenway.

I got a job at the Peanut Gallery Toy Store over by Jason's Deli and Marble Slab. I'm happy because the owner is wonderful, sweet, and gave me the perfect schedule to work with and I start next week.

God is amazing and proves to me over and over and over that He has so many wonderful surprises in store.

It's an amazing feeling to know I'm right where I'm supposed to be in life.

Marybeth Jensen

March 30 2006
A clam? Now that would be interesting to see. haha. I saw the Peanut Gallery Toy Store with Mrs. Jeana last week, but it wasn't opened yet. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time working there. I'll be sure to visit you and give you a hard time. ; ) love you Jo.

Becca Hicks

March 30 2006
15 miles? holy snap.


March 31 2006
hahahaha^she said holy snap hahahahaha..ok...ok ...anywayz, i like goin on the greenway except i run. duh, when was God NOT AMAZING?!?! :)


March 31 2006
yeah, when was God NOT amazing, huh? and by the way, the greenway was fun. we probably over did it a little, but it was fun. especially the Front Porch Cafe. Yum.


March 31 2006
Oh yeah, did i mention it was also an adventure? hahaha..hahaha...train, train again, fire and smoke...i'd call that an adventure.


April 02 2006
God is amazing! Congratulations on the job! Ooo, and I'm sorry that you got burnt!