January 07 2006
Well, the first week of school back from Christmas break is over, that's extremely surprising. I seriously cannot believe how quickly the school year has gone by. I mean, it's already 3rd freaking quarter, and I can remember swimming in my pool over the summer break of '05, just like it was last week or something. Crazy stuff pals, crazy stuff. Anyway... for Christmas I got a few gadgets that I adore, including my new cell phone, and my new digital camera. Other then those things, I got my Chanel necklace that I also adore, and a new coat and scarf, some $$, some gift cards, hmm... a couple of movies, some perfume, a new sweater, a tote bag, some really good smelling stuff from Bath and Body works. I pretty much hit the mother load.


Hmm... I spent all of my Christmas money already too. I bought some new undies, a new purse, and some pants. I still have about $10 left on a card, I plan on getting some hawt beads from Claires with that... The break was relaxing, and I cannot wait until summer vaca.

fOR sURE .. ...

mmhmm, yeah boi. Well, I'm not sure what else to post, catch ya later.


<3 marissa.


November 26 2005
Hum-da-dee-dum. I am utterly bored and it's 12:20 in the AM my friends. I'm currently listening to The Subways, they're pretty good. My picture collection for phusebox is in an uberly cool line above this box. Whoo-wee. Well, I haven't started my blog for PhuseBox yet, and I figure it's way better then myspace where you meet boys that kill your parents, and xanga where the bloods join with red layouts.


Hmm. I'll probably spend the next 30 minutes messing with those pictures, adding and removing some. Well then... sounds super to me. This evening Kirstien and I went to Applebee's at about 9:30 or so, we were the only people in there under 20. It was pretty freaking interesting, if I do say so myself.


Well, I'm not too sure what else I should blog about. Hope that tomorrow is long, because Monday = school, and that = bad. Anyway, I'm off.

Peace son.