Vermont here I come! (maybe)

November 12 2005

So Im all dressed up with nowhere to go! Plans for the evening fell apart.

Life is slow at the moment which is a great blessing.

I finished my application to Spring Lake Ranch in Vermont today so I just have to mail it out and then arrange a flight up there for a on-site interview to get on staff!

Boredom strikes!

Ok Ive got something sad to announce..

October 30 2005

No New York City for me for New Years. Probably no NYC for me anytime soon. We just decided against the long drive and having to rush through driving and then turning around and driving back....

But we're still heading to Nashville to the Passion 06' Conference. Im excited!

One of my roomies brought home his guitar and I spent this evening fooling around on it and now my fingers are all sore and crap.

I dressed up for Halloween last night! Fun times. Pictures are in the gallery thingy.

Ahhh my body just wants to sleep!

October 17 2005

Well, the past week is a complete blur. I'm actually quite tired. I've been praying and praying and trying to connect with God. And I'm starting to get scared for what's going to come in May of 2006. I will be out of Samford (probably) and totally free. Where does He want me??? What does He want with my life?

Obviously I am meant for something. He brought be back from life-support and allowed me to walk again. To breathe and speak again. But now what am I supposed to do with that???

My roomies joke about me being an alchoholic and not being a virgin and blah blah blah. It's all in good fun but it rubs on me the wrong way sometimes.

I feel like I need some direction.

My grandmother has been diagnosed. She dosen't want surgery. She just wants to's so sad to go home now. She's in the living room. I don't want to watch as she gets worse and worse. It rips my heart out.

I like the new site though...this is really cool.      :)

And don't pay mind to my ramblings...

I know where I'll be come 2006

September 22 2005
Definately spending New Years in Times Square in NYC. Exciting? Yes!

And I signed up for Passion 06' in Nash-vegas. It should be cool. Good way to start off a year.

Now I just have to get a more gas-ecconomical car so I can make the drive up and back down for less than 5 billion dollars!


what a boring life!

September 13 2005
Thinks just aren't the same since I woke up from my coma and got back from living in Spain!

My life is getting back into that boring groove. I might have to do something about that ;)

This past weekend I went to the Alabama game in Tuscaloosa...Alabama won, and the sprinklers came on. It was cool...

photo from emcrumle

photo from emcrumle

Other than that..not much going on in my life right now!


September 04 2005
So I woke up this morning and for the 3rd Sunday in a row everybody is gone to church and I am sitting here at home alone bored outta my mind.

I would like to go with my roomies but they never tell me when or where they're going and so I always wake up to the front door slamming.

How to heck do I always end up missing the friggin memo?! I

And then I hear from people about how awesome Greek Weekend is going and blah blah blah. Its making me think about maybe I didn't make the right choice in going early alumni from SigEp.

Arghhh. And something else! This whole hurricane disaster! What the HECK is up with the President. Anybody who knows me knows Im a Democrat..but still. Homeland Security and all that crap obviously isn't working. If we couldn't act faster on something that sat in the Gulf Of Freaking Mexico for 4 days and that we KNEW was the heck would we react to another terrorist attack or a biological/nuclear attack?!?! AHH!

The world is crazy. And I think im on what would be equivalent to a man having PMS. Im all bitchy.....


NYC here i come!

September 02 2005
So I will definately be in NYC to ring in 2006 !

I just have to figure out all the details but Im getting massive help and hookups from Miss Jenny Morgan (i assume).

That should be fun!

Let me know what (and who for that matter) I absolutely HAVE to see!


Stupid Hurricane!!!

August 28 2005 said to Jenny the other night that I was going to delete this if I didn't have 5 of now I've got 3. But I might be getting 2 more in the near future (like Christmas..haha).

But I don't think I'll delete it. Im enjoying it. So far it's treating me well.

The hurricane is bearing down on us and I'm actually kind of worried. The friggin eye is 39 miles wide and it's only the 4th category 5 hurricane to ever hit (well, since they started recording this crap).

Im sure by the time it gets up here it will be downgraded to tropical storm status..but still, Ivan knocked trees and crap down and left Samford without power for days.

I just hope that I'll be safe driving home from school tomorrow!

Speaking of which..tomorrow is my first day..

Hey! Its my name!

August 28 2005
The meaning of "Eric Crumley"

-Eric Crumley

"Confident in yourself with a strong mind and creative flair you have the ability to apply your ideas to practical purposes. Your wisdom and balance means that others seek you out for counsel and guidance. You set high objectives for yourself based on your idealism and then achieve them with boundless energy and determination. You are loved for your understanding and positive attitude to life."

I think the last part sums me up pretty well.

well im here!!!

August 24 2005
my friend made me do dont have much to say...

..i have a livejournal, and a myspace, and AIM, and a facebook get the idea!

i just got back from Spain where i spent all summer studying abroad..

my left leg is made of titanium! i was in a car accident/coma/on life support in december 2004 but im ALIVE! (God is good like that)

im really bored tonight!!!!