May 06 2006
hola people what is up people


May 03 2006
well hello everyone I am such a dumb ass  I cant even talk about it but some of you all know


May 01 2006
wow everyone I am happy right now anywho I had so much fun at prom and I will soon have pics i think

some shit I cant believe

April 15 2006
what os up my fellow citizen I got wrote up at work today and it was not my fault . aint that some shit I was so mad and plus these girls I work with like talking about me in front of me like I am not there what kind of shit is that I am so mad right now it is not even funny plus the Guy at work he want to do that thing again and I told him no but he is not getting the picture oh yeah does anyone want to be my prom date lol lol lol I crack myself up.


April 09 2006

hola people what is up with everyone Prom is not that far away and I still dont have a dress LoL I might not even go so talk to you all later


April 02 2006
what is up everyone I really want to go and see ATL but I dont have the time to and nobody goes to the movies on mondays or tuesdays (well maybe tuesdays) but if you have seen it tell me if it was good because if it was not then I will go see ICE AGE 2   lol


March 30 2006
hola people right now I am putting in an application to TSU ( were my mom works) I dont want to go to this school but my mom thinks I should anywho I am so happy that aaron and I are getting closer then we were before so I am good right now I need something to do but oh yeah I forgot aaron and I went to the movies tuesday and we saw The Hills Have Eyes and it was funny as hell aaron was scared as a baby but what do you expect but I scared the mess out of him and when I got home I turned all the lights on and locked my room door because my family went to east Tennessee for the break so I am alone for now (except for my mom)!!!!!!!


March 27 2006
What is up everyone I really dont have nothing to say but this Spring Break Sucks Big Time


March 25 2006
what is up everyone I am just sitting here bored well bye


March 24 2006
what is up everyone I am so bored right now and I have to work during spring break and that sucks I need to get a dress for prom and a date but I dont know if I am going yet so what do yall think

Michael do not correct me LOL

March 22 2006
hola people I just found out that the guy at work was arrested for DUI and the cop thought that the car was stolen because the cop though that He was a mexican but he is white so that is way he was not at work for a week

school and stuff

March 21 2006
what is up my fellow citizen I am pissed about I did not get out of her clasas but I would like to keep my GPA up and that is the only way I am in there. I am pissed because somebody got out of a class and I did not but alls well that ends well .

School And Work

March 20 2006

What is up everyone how is it going I am feeling ok right now but I am wondering what happened to my friend I missed her today.I was so pissed today after school well during first period but I think I will be happy tomorrow. It kind of sucks that we might be have people monitor this website because somebody said something but anyway I dont have to worry because I dont say nothing bad but to another subject I think my ( The Guy At Work)Is Fired Because I Have Not Seen Him Lately


March 17 2006
Alright I told yall about my manager at work and let me tell you what happened. I got off work at around 11:30 last night He got off around 10:30pm, He waited in his car untilI got off of work I am telling you that He went no where. I ask one of the cashiers to walk me outside to my car and she asked why and i told her that This guy was stalking me. She agreed to walk me out and when I got into my car he started his car too. I drove off and he followed I was creeped out! I got to clark blvd. and I turned but he did not turn with me  I was so happy but he does not live that way. I am so scaried that he will come and get me because he is a manager and he can find out where I live . Aint that some SHIT

bull crap

March 15 2006
what is up everyone I am so bored right now I just dont know what to do My mom will not let me go to the Concert( Dem franchiz boys and Lil Wayne) because she said that is to much cussing and that there are going to be thugs there and that I dont know how to duck and dive if bullets start flying the women is crazy. So hit me up with some of yall thoughts


March 13 2006
well,well,well, let me tell yall, Let me tell ya You just dont know what happened last night man I found out some stuff that is so funny about (The guy at work)


March 09 2006
well I had an interesting experience at work yesterday


March 08 2006
wha is up my fellow comrades I really have nothing to say so bye


March 06 2006
what is up people Everyday at work I get molested by one of the managers and I Think I like it LOL I am really starting to like him and it is so weird. I have a weird and twisted mind and I am perverted LOL. WoW anywho How is everyone  and I dont think that he knows I am only 17 and he just got out of a marriage and he still wears his ring!!!!!!!!!!


March 03 2006

what is up everyone I am feeling good my mom left for the weekend and she left my little brother in my stepdads hands and that is not good. I need something to do this weekend I think I am going to the movie with Aaron I think since we did nothing for our 1 month Ann. so anyway I will talk later BYE

And I love my new pics he is a fine fine man