Buying Fireworks?

July 02 2006

If you need any fireworks, drop by my family's tent and say hey and help us out.  We are located across from Neil Sandler Toyota on Church Street/Hwy231 and Warrior Drive.  Thanks guys.

Also, the new Dashboard Confessional cd is darn good so pick it up from your local indy cd shop if you can lol.  I really recommend track 6 for all you counting crows fans.  August 18th in Nashville if no one was aware. Peace guys


where is my love?~

July 02 2006
i just might have to come visit~ ;) it was awesome to see you the other night~ a very unexpected but pleasant surprise :) ttyl~ ~All in Love~ ~Julia~


July 02 2006
doing great! I am in Dallas right now... I don't think she gets in til 3 so I don't think we could manage it, but hey when your back in town... we are going to do something ok?

chris duncan

July 04 2006
good song, that track 6 is. it was written way before the rest of the cd and almost didnt make it on to the album. theyre playing at the ryman 7/25.

Jessica Jo

July 08 2006
Hey. Hope you are doing well.