In reponse to my previous post, today was a bad day...

March 17 2006

Eh, my title isn't negative, it just aides in keepin things in perspective.

Yesterday, was one of those days.  We all have them, and just do what we can to get through them.  One project, One exam, and two quizzes later I finally make it home and walk in to find my SS's coilovers sitting in my floor.  (Not going lay, I say YEEEES! just like a kid on Christmas morning)  So I did what every kid does on Christmas morning, and cut the tape with what I could find in my room (who needs scissors, too much work...right?) and get most of the tape off.  The rest I start ripping...until I grabbed the very last tid bit of taped corner and pulled up.  Only to realize that I had a sharp object in my finger.  Notice I said "in", not cutting, not slicing, not dodgeing, dipping, diving, or dodging, but "in."  So I let go...and scream  " OOW"  *how to spell that?

My Dad screams if everything is alright, but by this time blooding on th get the point and I am on my way to the bathroom.  While there I suck it up like a man, and just realize these things happen.  I start to wonder why I don't get sick when these things happen, but I do when I try and give blood (I am on strike II of 2 attmpts)....until I started getting sick!  haha, so then I just found a happy place and waiting a long time until the blood stopped...

I'm sure everyone has either quit reading, or is so disgusted they can't stop reading so let me bail you out.  The moral of the story is, bad things happen, so get over it.  You are going to have a bad day, and you are going to fail a test, stub your toe, break a shoe lace, spill your coffee, had just have a bad day.  But like my boss said this morning, "But God is good and got your through it."  He followed by saying, that "every bad day is a lesson in integrity," and I believe both of these statements.

So if you are having a bad day, *listen to Fuel "Bad Day"*I bid you goodluck, and I hope that you do your best to keep things into perspective.  Because today I had a conversation with a man today who is in more pain that I ever could have been in last night, and has a long road ahead of him- and that put my "bad day" into a much greater perspective, because my "bad day" would have a been a good day for him.

Keep your heads up guys, because tomorrow is a new day.  A brand new day.  This is Ryan Conley signing off, Stay Classey San Diego.


March 17 2006
I love you so much, ry!